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GROUPON 202 sche

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9:30 - 12:00
Jul. 11

July. 15
Aug. 5, 26

Jul. 14
Aug. 4

DSLR 202 (Advanced)
with LesleyAnn Photography
Schedule below...

2.5 hours Session
To Register please select a day and time (see below) and send an email indicating your first, second and third choice of specific dates and times (eg. Saturday, January 28 at 12:00), your Groupon/Living Social Voucher Number, Gift Card Number or Paypal Confirmation Number and your Camera Make/Model to I will accept reservations via email only on a first come first serve basis for requested dates. If you would like to register in the same class as another person please send one email with the above information for each person.

I will respond with a confirmation email to the email address you emailed from confirming your time, date and meeting place - if your choices are no longer available I will suggest an alternate available date/time.