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Manual Mode DSLR 202 takes you through the steps of learning to shoot in your camera's manual setting.. Start with a basic review of the exposure triangle and move right into learning the manual setting of your camera. If you have taken the beginners course (Groupon or otherwise) this is a great add on to your camera and photography knowledge. Learn to manipulate the exposure/light meter for a variety of lighting & creative situations. Using your White Balance correctly, chatting about filters and their effect. Fill Flash, what is it? and lots lots more...

Manual Mode Demystified ...

DSLR Camera a must! Haven taken the previous dslr 101 or having basic camera knowledge past the 'automatic button'! Know your AV/A and TV/S settings.



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Jan.12~Feb. 9~Mar.2

Feb. 20~Mar.27

 Jan. 20~Feb.17~Mar.10

To Register please select a day and time  and send an email indicating your first, second and third choice of specific dates and times (eg. Saturday, Sept 15th at 12:00), as well as your Groupon and your Camera Make/Model to I will accept reservations via email only on a first come first serve basis for requested dates. If you would like to register in the same class as another person please send one email with the above information for each person. Classes fill up FAST so make your request as soon as you can!

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Jan. 12
Feb. 9
Mar. 2

Jan. 20
Feb. 17
Mar. 10

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