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DSLR 101 Beginners




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OH SNAP! DSLR Camera's unleashed


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A DSLR Camera is best but a point and shoot that can change the ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture will also work...

Panning Photo taken by student on walk

Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO, demistified.

I cover the exposure basics as well as go through all those buttoms on your own camera and find out what they actually do.

Fun, Personal & Informative!

60+ minutes of instructional camera training: Learn what makes a Photograph a photograph (here's a hint = light) !
60 minutes walking in beautiful Fort Langley as we play and practice what we've learned. Stop, Snap and ask questions along the way...

$250.00 2 hours

Beginner DSLR Photoworkshop & Walk.

Made an investment in a DSLR and STILL not getting those shots you had hoped for? Are you stuck on that little 'green' monster of an automatic button? Oh Snap! Look no further, I can help. Spend a couple of hours with me and learn the basics of photography and how to take control of your camera that will enable you to take stunning pictures of your life.
Each walk has no more than 5 people so you will be sure to get one on one attention and have all those questions answered.